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Z-Verse | Science Vs. God | March 9, 2015

What I told an atheist online who said science disproved the existence of God.

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”
– 1 Corinthians 1:25


Z-Verse | Acts 9 | Suddenly | Nov 17, 2014

Our verse of the day is in Acts 9. Just go ahead and read the whole chapter real quick, the story’s just awesome.

Saul has been killing Christians, and he’s on his way to Damascus, papers in hand, to round up believers and bring them back to Jerusalem to torture and kill them.

He, literally, sees the light on his way there.

Verse 18 says, “IMMEDIATELY something like scales fell from eyes.”

Verse 20 says, “AT ONCE, he began to preach that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Two things jump out at me here.

1.) Things can seem completely hopeless and God can change everything in an instant.

Don’t give up hope.

How many times do we read that word suddenly in the Bible?

2.) We are never too far gone for God to do something in and through us.

I mean Saul was murdering Christians! Families, women and children! God still used him to write two thirds of the New Testament!

I love verse 21, it says that all who heard, “were astonished!”

I bet there are some people in our past that would be astonished if they saw us right now (hopefully in a good way!)

There are also probably some people in our lives, that if God got ahold of them, we’d be astonished.

Let’s let that affect how we treat the people in our lives who are living far from God right now. The people who seem, to many, to be beyond hope. (People like Saul before God changed everything in an instant and he became the Apostle Paul.)

Let’s remember how much God loves them and let’s try to love them the same way!

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Z-Verse | Mark 4:35-41 | God’s Got This | Nov 6, 2013

In Mark 4:35-41 we get another peak at the human side of the disciples. They’re on the sea when a “furious squall” comes out of nowhere.

After finding Jesus sleeping, they’re wondering if he even cares about their challenging change in circumstances. (Something we never do, right?) They actually called him on it, asking if he even cared if they drowned.

Jesus flipped the mirror on the them for a great lesson on faith and fear. First, he reminded them that he is in control. He then answered the accusation implied in their question, with a question of his own.

Give this 1 minute devo a listen to hear what Jesus asked them and why they were left in awe at the one the winds and waves obey.