Inspiring | Tedashii: Trusting God Through Tragedy

“This momentary trouble is a lot to own, but I’m not alone.”

It’s amazing to me how God gave these lyrics to Tedashii, years before he’d need them like never before. He provides for us in ways we don’t even realize.

When Tedashii wrote this song in 2011, he didn’t know that he and his wife would soon be blessed with a son. He also didn’t know that a year after that, they would lose that little boy.

Long before I was born, my Dad lost his wife and two sons in a car accident. It was that tragedy that ultimately led him to the Lord. He never looked back, and finished strong, serving God with his life and impacting lives for the next 50 years.

It’s hard for us to imagine why things like this happen. I can’t answer that for you either.  What I do know is that, like my father was, Tedashii is a man who is truly growing in grace.

After the unspeakable loss of his 1 year old son, He told The Christian Post“God’s goodness isn’t predicated on our circumstances, He’s good regardless and I think that was really a wrestle early on and is still is at times. I mean this is something we’ll live with for the rest of our lives. We’ll be in that select group of people who experience this but God’s goodness is evident, even in my hardship,” he said. “And it’s cliché for some when the book of James says ‘count it all joy’ when you go through various trials but I think in some moments, being able to count it all joy wasn’t just this conjuring up of emotions … it was a genuine, sincere look at who God is and joy kind of welling up from that.” (Read more from that candid interview by following the link below.)

“I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.”
– Psalm 52:7

However difficult things may be at the moment, whatever mountain stands in front of you, or storm may be swirling around you, I encourage you to:

HOLD ON to God’s promises.
GET IN to God’s Word.
STAY ON God’s path, choose His ways.
CRY OUT to God. He listens, He cares. Don’t hold it in. You’re never alone.
REACH OUT to others.
TURN ON some Christian radio. Fill your heart with encouragement! (Check out His Radio.)
PRESS ON! God’s molding you and making you into something awesome.

Don’t you dare give up!

Some audio encouragement courtesy of Tedashii today:

Shane and Shane
The Christian Post



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