Song Of The Day : The Afters | Find Your Way

How patient has God been with us?

How many times have we betrayed him with our words, our actions, our disobedience, our broken promises, our lack of trust.

If you read the book of Hosea, you’ll see the story of a man who loves his wife despite her unfaithfulness that broke his heart. In many ways it’s a picture of what what we do to God.

He considers our rejection to be spiritual adultery. It grieves God.

Yet, like Hosea, He continues to love us. With an unfailing love.

As Dr. Henry Blackaby puts it in his book, Being Still With God Every Day, “When we stray from Him, He lovingly and relentlessly pursues us. How marvelous to know that even though we may turn our back on God, He never gives up on us.”

Today’s SOTD by The Afters sings of a love like that. One that doesn’t give up. A love like that demonstrated by the father in Luke 15, who waits with open arms….

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