Stop Believing In God | by Stephen Jones

It may seem a bit strange that my first blog post on a Christian based blog would be titled “Stop Believing In God”.

But before you jump to conclusions, picture something for a second. Imagine God is

at the gates of Heaven accepting and denying entrance. To some He says “Good job, you believed in my existence. You may enter.” And to others He says, “I’m sorry, but you did not believe I existed. You may not enter.”

Why would He do that? Why would that be the requirement for Heaven? I don’t like that idea, and neither does God.

Multiple times we are told to turn from our ways and follow His ways.

He is constantly telling us to trust Him.

Yes, there are instances where we are told to believe, but it’s not His existence we are told to believe in, it’s His Word.

Heaven is God’s Kingdom. What do kings or presidents want from their citizens most? I would think it’s allegiance. Cooperation. To abide by the law. You hear politicians promise good things all the time for those who “play by the rules.” Why would God expect differently?

Heaven is supposed to be a perfect Kingdom. I think we are all well aware that no one is perfect. That means nobody qualifies for Heaven. Our sin, or lack of trust in God, is what’s keeping us out. The bad news is that no one has what it takes to pay for their own sins.

The good news is that God wants us in His Kingdom anyway. He wants us so badly that He became a man, lived a perfect, selfless life, and then paid the price for our sins. Now our sins are no longer being counted against us!

So, if we are forgiven, why should we stop sinning? Great question.

When we live in sin, we are telling God we don’t trust Him. We choose our way over His. And if  we’re not trusting Him to the point where our lives are starting to look like more like Jesus, then according to James 2:19 we are no different than demons. That’s heavy!

All this to remind us that if we simply believe in His existence, our belief is pointless. Let’s stop just believing in God, and start trusting Him. After all, why would you not trust someone who died for you?

Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for his friends.
– John 15:13

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