Praying (instead of pointing fingers)

Man, this is good!

Our first instinct when we see people who are far from God shouldn’t to be punch them verbally, pronounce condemnation on them or compare their spiritual condition to what we perceive ours to be–our first reaction should be to weep. And pray. And love.

Reminded me of this song:

critical christian

I am a Christian.

I criticize my sister and brother in Christ anytime I see them straying off the path I think is right.

I make sure to point out the wrongs and flaws in people every chance that I get.

And if I can’t criticize them to their face then I just do it to my friends behind their back.

Because as a Christian it’s my duty to make sure everyone is judged and corrected and living for God just the way I want.

This is not the gospel that we preach on Sunday morning.

But unfortunately sometimes that’s the gospel that we choose to live.

And I am starting to see it more every day.

The brother or sister in Christ that is meant to support you and hold you up is the very one that brings you down.

It doesn’t make any sense logically.

I live in…

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