Lyrics | A New Start

They said, ‘I got you’
But what they did was they forgot you
And yeah, it’s hard to press on but ya got to.

Clenched fists will never fix a hurting heart
It takes forgiveness

Truth is, the bitterness will tear you apart
So love instead of this…
(Love instead of this)

There will be trials in this world you’re living proof
But take heart I’ve overcome, that’s the truth
Don’t forget what I told ya
It is done–finished
In the end ya gotta know we gonna win this

The right now is what’s hard I know
So your heart ya gotta guard and let go
All the anger and the hurt and the pride
And hold on to the one who never left your side

They said they’d never let you down but they dropped you
If you forgot to forgive then it’s got you

Clenched fists will never fix a broken heart
This stress and bitterness’ll tear you apart
(Ya gettin this?)
Jesus never resists a desperate heart
Believe and you’ll receive a new start
(He’ll pick up the pieces of a broken heart)
(A new start)
(A new start)
(A new start)

©2014 MR



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