Standing at a crossroad

Some great thoughts from Daughter By Design.
What Anna writes is so true.
Often, we take surveys, looking for the answers we want to hear. Or we seek permission to make decisions we know God doesn’t want us to. As if any consensus could trump the Creator of the universe and designer of our hearts.
Psalm 32:8

uncertainty, trusting God, running to God Many times in my live I have found myself standing at a crossroad with multiple roads in front of me leading in different directions.

Each one offering an option for me to take and door I can step through leading to an end I cannot yet see.

And in those moments of uncertainty when I feel overwhelmed about which road I should go I make a huge mistake: I run as fast I can to get advice from important people in my life: my mentor, my sister, my friends, or my father.

This may seem to not make any sense.

Isn’t it wise to run to people for advice when you find yourself at a crossroad or dead end or a situation you don’t know how to handle?


But only after you first run to God.

All of these years I’ve had it backwards.

Instead of running to the…

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