Quick Quote | Inspiration From A Deaf Man Who Didn’t Listen To His Critics

“They told me I was a lost cause, but I’ve been deaf since I was 3 so I didn’t listen.” – Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks Running Back
One of the most powerful commercials you’ll see in this year’s Super Bowl is this one from Duracell:
Here’s to the ones who don’t listen to their detractors, ignore the naysayers and NEVER GIVE UP!
As a New England Patriots fan, who watched his team miss the Superbowl at the hands of Peyton Manning, I wasn’t about to root for the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year. After seeing this story, and to show solidarity with all my friends in the Pacific Northwest (and one in Tampa!), I am ALL IN for the Seahawks this weekend!

Check out Derrick Coleman spreading some joy to young hearing impaired girls HERE.

Note: I believe our strength comes from acknowledging our utter helplessness and surrendering completely to Jesus Christ, so the Trust Your Power and Trust The Power Within messages do give me pause. The reality is, Duracell has to tie this inspirational message to their product, which is, after all, battery power. I don’t think anyone should trust their own power, but I certainly appreciate the message of perseverance and not giving up. I applaud them for using their marketing resources to spread a positive and inspirational message. For the record, Derrick Coleman is a believer and says his inner power comes from God, not himself.
Full text of inspirational ad: “They told me it couldn’t be done, that I was a lost cause. I was picked on. And picked last. Coaches didn’t know how to talk to me. They gave up on me. Told me I should just quit. They didn’t call my name. They told me it was over. But I’ve been deaf since since I was 3, so I didn’t listen. And now I’m here (camera shows filled stadium) with the loudest fans in the NFL cheering me on and I can hear them all…”

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