Must See: The Robertsons – I Am Second [Duck Dynasty]

I saw this video a week or so ago and didn’t really think about blogging it at that time. But I’ve found myself telling so many people, “you’ve gotta see this,” I realized it makes sense to share it here as well.

Miss Kay found herself barely 20, with three kids under 3. Her husband Phil, a mean drunk who ran around on her, was on the run from the law.

Those boys would cry and miss their father, but Miss Kay stood firm. “That’s not your daddy, boys. That’s the devil in your daddy.”

Phil found Jesus a few years later and the changes were stark.

Dirt poor in those days, hear Phil’s testimony of struggling with being kind to the thieves who we’re taking what little he had. The humble (now) millionaire learned that choosing God’s way, although not easy, proved to be not only the right path, but the blessed one.

Son Jep and grandson, Reed, also share deeply intimate details of their struggles and how choosing to follow Jesus made all the difference in the world in their lives.


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