SOTD: Storyside:B “Be Still” Psalms 37:7

This one is for the weary and discouraged…

Jesus told us that in this world, there would be trouble. “But take heart,” he said, “I have overcome this world.”

I have a lot of friends who are dealing with some very tough stuff right now. One is literally fighting for his life, another bravely battles cancer, some are out of work, one has a very sick child and several are doing all they can to hold on to their marriages.

We pray and we wait and we wonder why God isn’t providing the solution we want at the time we want. But we need to be still and wait.

Picture Joseph. What happened to him was completely unfair. Had he been obsessed with getting out of his predicament and tried to figure it out himself, he would’ve missed what God was going to do in the situation. His attitude and willingness to see where God was taking him, even when it felt like He wasn’t there, is what allowed that glorious day to arrive.

It’s sometimes hard to truly trust that He is at work even when we don’t see it. It’s never easy to wait, but when the storms are swirling around us and we’re stressed out, tired, scared and hurting, it’s even harder to be still.


Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act.
– Psalm 37:7

We all feel alone sometimes, but we never really are…


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