Parenting Advice From Crawford Loritts (via Mark Driscoll)

Definitely worth reading Mark Driscoll’s INTERVIEW with Crawford Loritts leading up to the R13 Conference in Seattle last week.

I’ll share the response Dr. Loritts gave Pastor Mark when he asked for some parenting insights:

The best thing we have done and continue to do is to seek God’s face in believing prayer on behalf of our children. From the time our kids were very young, we read the Scriptures to them and worked at integrating God’s truth with what they were facing or experiencing.

Love your children and let them feel that love.

As a dad I made many mistakes—disciplined the wrong child, was gone too much, etc. I learned to ask for their forgiveness, and this knit our hearts together. I also gave them access to my life so that they knew that they were and are a priority. We also had a lot of fun together! I gave them the gift of consequences. It sounds simple but the greatest advice I can give prospective parents is to keep putting your children in God’s hands, model Christ-likeness before them, love them and let them feel that love, give them God’s word, and raise them with a sense of mission.

Great stuff…


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