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I was in the middle of writing on this same subject when this piece popped up in my feed. I put the pen down, because it cannot be said better than this.
As we heed into the week of Thanksgiving, this is an absolute must read!

“I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss.
Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this:
The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
Great is his faithfulness.
- Lamentations 3:20-23

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I am thankful for, thankful for, thankful for hardships, thankful list

I’ve always wished that my life was perfect, pain-free, and easy.

But that’s never guaranteed when you are Christian.

God says that the path He calls us to walk is narrow, not wide.

It’s not a path that many people will choose because it’s hard.

It’s a path that leads you through valleys and storms.

It’s a path that includes dying to your own self and being different from the world.

It’s a path where you learn to grow in Christ daily and that doesn’t come without pruning, breaking, and pain.

November is the month everyone likes to make a list of things they are thankful for.

And we always include everything that is good.

The food on our tables and roofs over our heads.

Our families and friends.

The daily gifts God gives us from above.

And those are all things we should always be thankful for.

But that’s…

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Z-Verse | Acts 9 | Suddenly | Nov 17, 2014

Our verse of the day is in Acts 9. Just go ahead and read the whole chapter real quick, the story’s just awesome.

Saul has been killing Christians, and he’s on his way to Damascus, papers in hand, to round up believers and bring them back to Jerusalem to torture and kill them.

He, literally, sees the light on his way there.

Verse 18 says, “IMMEDIATELY something like scales fell from eyes.”

Verse 20 says, “AT ONCE, he began to preach that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Two things jump out at me here.

1.) Things can seem completely hopeless and God can change everything in an instant.

Don’t give up hope.

How many times do we read that word suddenly in the Bible?

2.) We are never too far gone for God to do something in and through us.

I mean Saul was murdering Christians! Families, women and children! God still used him to write two thirds of the New Testament!

I love verse 21, it says that all who heard, “were astonished!”

I bet there are some people in our past that would be astonished if they saw us right now (hopefully in a good way!)

There are also probably some people in our lives, that if God got ahold of them, we’d be astonished.

Let’s let that affect how we treat the people in our lives who are living far from God right now. The people who seem, to many, to be beyond hope. (People like Saul before God changed everything in an instant and he became the Apostle Paul.)

Let’s remember how much God loves them and let’s try to love them the same way!

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Happy Veteran’s Day 2014

To anyone who’s ever worn the uniform, and their families, “Thank You!”

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for another.”

Or to be willing to…

I am humbled by your service and grateful beyond words.


Quick Quote | Matt Chandler: On Suffering

This is so good. We need to remember that God has already given us the heads up on this. Our suffering isn’t random, it’s not pointless, it’s a gift. No, seriously.

“…We also REJOICE in our sufferings, because we KNOW that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, CHARACTER; and character, HOPE. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has GIVEN US.” – Romans 5:3-5

Suffering is never fun, but let’s be encouraged knowing that God is at work in the mess! More: Matt Chandler Catalyst H/T: Ann Voskamp | @amnvoskamp


Song Of The Day: All To Him | New Life Worship/Desperation Band

Did you know that whatever trials you’re facing or difficult circumstances you’re walking through, they represent a promise fulfilled?

- Jesus (John 16:33)

Jesus told us flat out, we will have troubles.

These things shouldn’t take us by surprise! They’re going to happen.

There will be people who let us down.
There will be things that happen to us that are completely unfair.
There will be times that make no sense.
There will be hurts that are unimaginable.
There will be mountains that seem unclimbable.
There will be circumstances that seem impossible.
There will be days we feel we can’t go on.


There is a God who has overcome.
A God who is faithful.
A God who is just.
A God who is fearless.
A God who is a healer.
A God who is higher.
A God who is greater.
A God of the impossible.

A God who loves us, and is for us and will carry us to the other side!

More than we can know!

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